DishWash Liquid 5 Litres

  • Removes hard residues of oil and spices from the utensils
  • Very tough against grease stains
  • Leaves no room for the formation of bacteria & fungi
  • Removes stains easily; hard rubbing or scrubbing is not required
  • Prevents the white layers that usually forms after utensils are dried out
  • Requires just a spoon full of liquid to wash a sink full of utensils



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Clean and germ-free utensils are one of the significant aspects that ensure the good health of our family. If left behind after cleaning, small food residues may create a conducive environment for germs and bacteria to
multiply and increase their number. Introducing ECOLEAF DISHWASH LIQUID, a highly concentrated gel that’s 5 times more powerful and cleans 3 times faster than the regular liquids. Do not worry about stubborn stains; cook freely and heartily; ECOLEAF will take care of the rest.


Brand: EcoLeaf


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