Fabric Liquid Detergent (Top Load) 1000mL

  • Works extremely great against various types of stains.
  • Dissolves very quickly because of fine grains.
  • Suitable for quick , easy & clean wash.
  • Does maximum work while soaking thereby it reduces human efforts.
  • Deep cleaning with good lather formation.
  • Blended with anti-greying properties.
  • Makes your clothes look brighter & newer

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99 in stock

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Fabric Detergent by ECOLEAF is manufactured exclusively with a special formulation that fights against the dirt and retains the softness of the fabric. While doing so it ensures the health & hygiene of our family and also extends the life of the clothes. ECOLEAF FABRIC DETERGENT is made with environmentally friendly and biodegradable compositions which makes us truly one of its kind product in the market.



Brand: EcoLeaf


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